Shecara Bassets Puppy Purchase Information

Here is some general information about our puppies and purchase procedure.

Pet Puppies:
All of our pet puppies are placed on spay/neuter contracts.

Show Puppies
Requests for show or breeding individuals from within Canada are considered on a case-by-case basis.
We do not place puppies to the USA with breeding rights/full registration, except to serious, commited, AND experienced show homes.

We ask for a $300 deposit to be placed on our wait list. Please be absolutely certain that you are serious in your decision to purchase a puppy, as our deposits are non-refundable. You are welcome to send a deposit up to a year in advance. Our pet puppies typically are $1750 with a pet spay/neuter contract.  

We always reserve the right to choose show/breeding prospects from our litters first.   Therefore, none of our puppies are chosen out before 8 weeks of age. At that point we evaluate the litter and decide which (if any) puppies would be best suited as a show or breeding individual. After we have made our choice, pet puppies will be matched with their new families.  Our Basset Hound puppies are ready to leave to their new families at the age of 10 weeks.

For the protection of our puppies, we do not allow our puppies to be viewed until they have had their first set of vaccines, however, regular photos and/or videos will be shared for your enjoyment. After their first vaccinations, visitors are welcome by appointment only.

Please remember and respect that I reserve the right to refuse or refund a deposit IF I feel the situation has changed regarding the best interest of the puppy.
  basset hound puppy with kids