Shecara Bassets Puppy Feeding Reccomendations

There are many different thoughts on the proper way to feed a dog. The following is our recomendation based on the way we raise our Basset Hound Puppies.

8 weeks

Kirkland Signature brand puppy food, feeding basset hound puppy

At the time our Basset Hound puppies leave to their new homes, they have been eating dry kibble for a few weeks already. Our puppies are fed Kirkland Signature brand puppy food, Chicken, Rice and Vegetable formula. We recommend that you keep the puppy on this same food for the first few weeks at least. (Kirkland Signature brand food is available at Costco) The change to a new home is one of the most stressful periods in a dogs life, and we don’t want to overburden the puppy’s system with a change of food at the same time. If you are unable to obtain this food, another chicken based puppy food is the next best thing; by keeping the protein source the same, you reduce the chance of stomach upset.

We recommend feeding the puppy three times per day until the age of six months. The best guide as to the amount to feed is to offer the food bowl for 10 minutes at each meal. Most puppies will self-regulate and eat the proper amount with this guide. If they eat a little less at one meal, they’ll eat a little more at the next. Puppies should always be kept lean throughout the growing period. You should be able to barely see, and easily feel, the ribs. Use this guide to adjust the amounts that you offer in the daily meals.


3-4 months to 12-18months

As the growth curve of our Basset Hounds closely follows that of most large breed dogs, during the growth period we feed them according to the recommendations for large breed dogs. Young Basset Hound puppies can grow at an extremely fast rate. New research indicates that too rapid a growth rate can lead to musculoskeletal problems. By controlling the amount of certain ingredients, we can curb the growth to a slower, controlled rate, and allow the bones, muscles and joints to develop slower, stronger and in coordination with each other. Genetics controls the final size, we want to make sure that they don’t reach that size too quickly. By feeding a lower energy dense food, with the proper amount of calcium, we can accomplish proper, healthy growth in the puppy. Contrary to popular belief, growing puppies do not need calcium supplementation, and excess calcium can be detrimental, by producing deficiencies in other nutrients. Our puppies are fed a Large Breed Puppy formula from approximately 12 -16 weeks to 12-18 months. Until approximately 6 months, continue to feed them 3 meals per day, and after 6 months two meals per day will suffice. Each meal should be offered for 10 min, again using the body condition to see if adjustments are needed. Particularily during the delicate growth period, Basset Hounds should be kept lean. You should be able to barely see, and easily feel, the ribs.