Ch. Shecaras Unconditional


Best Puppy In Group LDKC 2012

Champion - 2014


Ch. Edgar van Hollandheim


Ch. Shecaras Sensational


Shecaras On One Condition

Shecaras The Real McCoy

shecaras unconditional, Champion champion shecaras unconditional Shecaras unconditional, canadian champion Shecaras unconditional, canadian champion shecaras unconditional 
Pedigree of: Ch. Shecaras Unconditional
Ch. Edgar van Hollandheim Dutch/Lux Ch. Billie Turf v.d. Oude Watertoren Am.Lux/Ned/Swiss/Span Ch. Yorin v Hollandheim Fin/Cz Ch. Rambo Dominik
Ned Ch. Zarah v Hollandheim
Olijfje-Babs v.d. Haelfe Maen Filibuster v.d. Haelfe Maen
Ivory Dita v.d. Haelfe Maen
Dutch Home's Diva Ch. Extra Edition v Hollandheim Ch/Svk/Dk/Ned/D/Lux Ch Norris v Hollandheim
Ch. Karipat Ziggy Zig
No-No v Hollandheim Ch. Kinkiwi Lord Philippe
Jill v Hollandheim
Ch. Shecaras Sensational YW '03 Ch. Black Nose Sailor Maintain, C.G.N Filibuster v.d. Haelfe Maen Lux, Ger, Swiss Ch.Forester v Hollandheim
Bhabish v.d. Haelfe Maen
Deborah Janice v Grunsven Balmacara Country Doctor
Acrobatic Belly v Grunsven
The Third Kind Vinny Bassbarr Festive Cheer Ch. Morkeberg's It's Now Or Never At Balmacara
Ch. Bassbarr Queen of Diamonds
The Third Kind HoneyBee Ch. The Third Kind Atoka
Rubella v Hollandheim