About Us

Pictures of Shecara Bassets past

On the windswept prairies just north of Lethbridge, AB, Canada, lies the home of Shecara Bassets. We have had Bassets since 1998. As owners of a dog boarding kennel here on the acreage, our occupations offer us a flexible lifestyle that allows us to spend plenty of time with our hounds, as well as dedicate ourselves to the commitment and responsibility of breeding and raising puppies.

All of our dogs are first and foremost important family members, and are raised with our 5 children. We believe that dogs can succeed in the show ring while also contributing to and enjoying a warm and caring home environment. Our happy dogs prove this.

About Shecara Bassets

The Basset Hounds enjoy lots of excercise here on the acreage, and delight in trips to the nearby provincial park where they can sniff out the walking trails or go for a swim in the lake. They also love their weekends out to the dog shows, where they are pampered and spend most of the day relaxing with us as we enjoy a day out. We do not send our dogs out with handlers, as we too appreciate taking some time off to spend the day with our most treasured companions.

Our breeding philosophy is to combine correct physical type and soundness with excellent health and affectionate, mellow temperaments to provide strong, healthy Bassets for show and pet homes. To test for those qualities is one reason we have shown in both conformation and obedience. We also appreciate the special bond that is created between dog and master while training and competing in these events.

About Shecara Bassets

Our goal is to produce well-structured Basset Hounds free of genetic disease that have the potential to become beloved family companions as well as show winners. Our breeding stock includes bloodlines from all over the world, and our pedigrees feature many well known bloodlines such as Hollandheim (France) The Third Kind (The Netherlands), Della Luna Caprese (Italy), Van Grunsven (The Netherlands), Swede Sun (Sweden), Bassbarr (Hungary), and Lake Park (Brazil).

All of our puppies are raised in our active, busy family, and are well-socialized with adults, small children, and other dogs and exposed to lots of different noises, commotion, smells and activity.